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Concrete Repair Contractor Durban

Once the "cancer" has been found it needs to be removed. This may, as in the case of a beach front block of flats, require portal demolition of all open balconies - some 60 flats in all.

Should the problem be the rather common spalling repair, it is necessary to remove all chloride contaminated concrete from around the corroding reinforcing bar, only then can treatment of both the bar and the concrete commence.


On a large scale such as Groote Schuur flats on the Durban beach front, it is necessary to use pneumatic breakers to remove sufficient contaminated concrete, and to allow access for industrial sandblasting. The compressor used to run the breakers and sandblasters can be seen in the foreground of the photograph above.

Once the reinforcing bar has been cleaned of all rust and has been treated, the specialised repair is used to effect the repair. The finished product is a superior top quality repair which will outlast "quick fix" patch jobs.