• Residential Painting

    Our staff are all professionally trained and experienced and work under the expert supervison of our experienced site supervisors to ensure quality workmanship and timeous completion of your house painting project with minimal disruption to you. All staff are full time employees so you can rest assured we will not be bringing casual labourers to your home.
  • Body Corporate Painting

    Having completed many housing estate painting projects for small and large residential complexes we are used to dealing with body corporates and trustees and are able to provide peace of mind by providing expert advise and maintaining open and transparent communication throughout the project.
  • Commercial Painting Projects

    When it comes to commercial property painting projects we are aware of the importance of minimising disruption to your normal business operations and the importance of maintaining a safe environment for your employees and customers throughout the project. This approach has resulted in us having completed many commercial painting projects over the years.
  • Industrial Painting Projects

    We have the experience and capacity to handle painting projects for very large industrial properties and to do so without disrupting normal operations at these type of facilities. All our staff are professionally trained in aspects of health and safety and compliance and have the neccessary equipment which is often a prerequisite for working on industrial sites.
  • Institutional Painting

    Over the many years that we have been in business the painting of large government and private sector institutional facilities such as hospitals, schools and university campuses have been undertaken. These type of projects often require a lot of planning and preparation to ensure minimal disruption of classes and the provision of patient medical care in the case of hospitals. Having completed the renovation of a number of listed buildings we have aquired extensive experience in undertaking the renovation of listed buildings.
  • High Rise Building Painting

    Successfully undertaking the painting and renovation of high rise buildings requires a lot of planning and technical expertise as well as health and safety compliance. Our experienced teams are highly skilled and equipped to tackle the painting of high rise building painting projects using suspended swing scaffold or by means of rope access where and when it is required.