ACT Painting ACT Painting Celebrates 50 Years

Marmoract Trust IT 1823/2004
P.O. Box 1951, Hillcrest
3650, KwaZulu-Natal
Tel: 0860 777 190
Cell: 0740559150
Cell: 0740559152
Cell: 0740559154
Fax: 086 205 3133

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A delightful combination of special tint terra cotta and dark green which compliments the surrounding foliage, while also blending in well to the countryside. Colour choice is extremely important and we will be more than willing to make our colour consultant available when requested.

As the resort was often fully booked while A.C.T. was on site we had to ensure, as always, that we were neither intrusive nor disruptive to residents and that we were on schedule at all times.


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