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Scaffolding Certified Company Durban

We utilize two main types of scaffold, namely frame and suspended swing scaffold, depending on the individual requirements of each contract.

Frame scaffold

Interlocking frame scaffold is usually preferred by more accessible sites, where ground conditions are suitable for stable support of the towers. With frame scaffold, various sizes of frames allow for flexibility in the size of towers that can be erected.

Only scaffold and accessories from approved suppliers is used, and all aspects of working safely at elevated positions are strictly enforced.


Suspended swing scaffold

Suspended swing scaffold, often referred to as temporary suspended platform (T.S.P) is the preferred use for a building where access is required at elevated positions, typically above 6 floor level on the external elevations of high rise buildings, or where ground level


access is limited for frame scaffold use. Suspension from roof tops requires extreme attention to rigging regulations and compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety, in its many aspects. Specially trained and selected teams carry out this type of work.