• General Painting Contracting

    As an established painting contracting company we have many years of experience undertaking projects comprising all aspects of painting contracting so are well positioned to provide a turnkey solution for your painting or renovation project, including planning, surface preparation and application of conventional paint as well as specialised finishes.
  • Spalling & Concrete Repairs

    If your building is showing signs of Spalling, left untreated it will only get worse. This is a problem that cannot be ignored as spalling left untreated can cause structural damage. Having successfully treated numerous buildings using only top quality Stoncor & Sika products our dedicated Spalling division is your solution to the problem. We specialise in Spalling & concrete repair. We have a dedicated Spalling and concrete repair division. We are approved Marmoran, Stoncor & Sika applicators.
  • Specialist Coatings & Finishes

    We are approved applicators of the internationally renowned range of Marmoran versatile finishes for interior and exterior use. The Marmoran range of specialist coatings includes custom paints and textured paints that are able to be formulated and supplied to best meet the needs of a particular project. These are specialised finishes that require specialist surface preparation application. We are experienced, expert and approved Marmoran applicators.
  • Plaster Repairs & Treatment

    It is not uncommon for us as painting contractors to encounter walls with plaster in a poor condition. Whilst it is often possible to fix minor surface blemishes with filler if the plaster itself is badly damaged then it invariably makes sense to properly address the problem instead of simply trying to paint over it to hide the problem. Fortuantely we are able to offer plastering and skimming as part of our contracting services.
  • Damp Proofing

    Rising damp is often the cause of paint surface peeling and bubbling. Unless the rising damp is properly treated there is no point in simply repainting the surface as the continued presence of rising damp within the wall will cause the same problems in due course. We are able to treat the causes of rising damp before repainting so that the problem does not occur again.