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Important facts you should know about your geysers.

Following 15 years specializing in the building/sectonal title insurance, we saw a need and passion to assist community schemes take control of their losses and manage their risk, specifically geyser claims.

Below are 6 of the important points to remember when dealing with your geysers.

1. Energy efficient B class geysers.

All geyser manufacturers must produce and supply energy efficient B class geysers. The new requirement is that these systems have thicker insulation prevenveng heat loss and reducing electricity consumption. This law came into effect 15 September 2018.

2. All installations must meet with SANS 10254 requirements.

SANS 10254 are the mandatory regulations that govern the installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of fixed electric storage water heating systems ( ie, geysers)

3. PIRP registered and that a certificate of compliance.

Ensure your plumber is PIRP registered and that a certificate of compliance is issued by the plumber on completion of the work.

4. Maintenance on the geysers.

Many insurers pay a limited amount towards maintenance of your in geyser in the event of the failure of the thermostat/element, pressure valve. Unless a geyser fails which generally fails at the seams, maintenance on the geyser can be carried out helping you keep your claims to a minimum.

5. Loss ratio to insure.

Geysers are one of the top reasons that a Body Corporate battles to manage their loss ratio to insure continuity in placing their insurance with respected insurers.

6. You can self -insure your geysers?

You can self -insure your geysers by charging a levy towards geyser cover, this helps you at renewal to negotiate the best rate based on your claims experience.

We welcome inquires on how to manage your geyser claims and to assist in answering your queries on regulation and compliance.

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